Full fledge workshops of over 40522 sq. ft. with state of art plant and machinery.


SI is a registered Industry. The Industry comprising of Landscapist, Engineers, Adventure Expert, Fiber Expert, Fabricators, Art Expert, lawyer, Foresters, and computer professionals of repute ably supported by experts in various Designing and Manufacturing Products of World Class Quality. It is a multidisciplinary Products, Designing and Manufacturing Industry. It is managed by Engineers, Planners, Landscapist, Horticulturist, Fiber Expert, Fabricators, Managers, Lawyer etc. The Industry Designing and Manufacturing World Class Quality Products in several Public parks and gardens maintained by various municipal corporation, municipal councils, panchayats, private trusts, school, balwadies, anganwadi, housing societies/colonies, individual homes/bunglows, hotels, shopping plazas, resorts, clubs etc. Bringing smiles to millions of children in India and abroad.

Technical 18
Clerical 2
Menial 3
Total 25


In order to maintain the accuracy of very high level and to be very precise in Designing and Manufacturing Products, SI has equipped itself with following modern scientific equipments and gadgets.


We have increasing Data Base of more than 1500 FRP product and a growing library of more than 1000 books related to FRP, Industry, Adventure, Landscape, Fabrication, play equipment, environment, forestry, wild life, computer, management, laws etc.